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and we do it all in the name of our passion for the people, the music and the scene. when we first entered the drum & bass scene we were greeted with a community that was out of this world. and it gave us a feeling of unity and peace that we had not found anywhere else before.

and with all the great memories that we made for ourselves, the passion to create these memories for others presented itself. and following our passion led us to the first drafts for explicit.

Now did you know...

happy rave faces


Explicit has created


Explicit has supported approximately 


local artists and

young professionals

active within the

creative industry


of the artists on our lineups are usually local or up and coming


that bass fans are

the most wholesome crowd in the world


Explicit has shown

explicit is about spreading that feeling of unity in a world that's ever growing shorter of it. it's about creating a stage for artists that might not often have the opportunity to make it to the big stage.


and it's to finally bring you a rave that can be a tribute to everyone and every part of our beautiful scene. a place where everyone can enjoy the best of drum and bass, paired with the sickest visual experiences.



now that,



that is truly

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