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terms and conditions

Version 1.0 updated on 27-12-2022 17:01

Table of contents

Article 1 - Definitions

Article 2 - Company identity

Article 3 - Applicability

Article 4 - Product and offer display

Article 5 - Agreement

Article 6 - Return policy

Article 7 - Customer obligations during the return window

Article 8 - Practice of the product return and the adjunct costs

Article 9 - Our obligations during product return

Article 10 - Product prices

Article 11 - Delivery and production

Article 12 - Complaints

Article 13 - Changes in the terms and conditions

Article 1 - Definitions

  1. We, us, ours: Explicit events and it's sub-brands;

  2. Adjuncts costs: Any and all costs that may be connected to a certain order or return;

  3. Window / Timeframe: The time duration in which a certain action or procedure can or has to be executed.

Article 2 - Company identity

Explicit events is an event management company located in Oud-Beijerland, the Netherlands. Our company can be identified by the following information:

  • Name: Explicit events;

  • Adres: Lisztplein 19, 3261Js Oud-Beijerland;

  • E-mailadres:;

  • Chamber of commerce number: 72372745;

  • VAT number: NL002387494B67.

Article 3 - Applicability

  1. These terms and conditions apply to every order placed and product purchased via our webshop.

  2. These terms and conditions are available for customers of our webshop at all time and the user will be promted to have read them before an order can be placed.

  3. When an order is placed on our webshop the order confirmation will always include a link to these terms and conditions so that the customer will always have easy access to them.

  4. The agreement upon which these terms and conditions rest is covered exclusively by Dutch and European law.

Article 4 - Product and offer display

  1. The products in our webshop will always include a full and detailed description of the product(s) on offer. The description will be plenty for the customer to make an accurate reflection of the product(s) and should images be used as a preview we make sure that it well represents the product(s) in the most accurate way possible.

  2. Physical products may under certain conditions slightly differ from eachother and/or the previews in our webshop. Conditions that may play a role in unaccurate product previews are:

    • Device and screen types on which the previews are presented;​

    • The brightness settings on the screen(s) of the device(s) on which the previews are presented.

  3. In addition to article 4.2, physical products that are printed will always differ from eachother and/or the previews in our webshop by a very small margin due to the fact that all of our printed products are printed separately, by hand.

Article 5 - Agreement

  1. The agreement is established the moment the customer accepts an offer or product from our webshop and the adjunct conditions.

  2. All of our orders are confirmed via digital means, the customer always recieves a virtual confirmation of the respective order. As long as the confirmation has not been recieved the customer stands in their right to dissolve the agreement.

    • As all orders are processed digitally we ensure that we take the neccesary precautions as to securing the data and payments send by and to our customers;​

    • For more information on the security of personal data we refer you to our privacy policy.

  3. We will always ensure that upon delivery of the product a copy of the following information is included :

    • The contact details at which the customer may contact us regarding complaints or else;​

    • These terms and agreements;

    • Information about warranty, services after purchase and returning orders;

    • All costs including: VAT, delivery costs, payment method and delivery method.

Article 6 - Return policy

  1. The customer stands within their right to dissolve an agreement in regards to a product within 14 days without the need for a reason. We may ask you for the reason of a product return, yet may not force you to provide such an answer.

  2. The in article 6.1 mentioned time window starts the day the product is recieved by the customer, or the by the customer appointed third party.

    • If an order contains multiple items the window starts when the customer, or the third party, recieves the order in full.

Article 7 - Customer obligations during the return window

  1. During the 14 days return window the customer will handle the product and it's respective packaging with care. The customer will only unwrap or use the product as is neccesary to review the nature, looks or functions of the product. The guidelines are that the customer handles the product as if they were trying it (on) in a store.

  2. The customer is only responsible for the deterioration of the value of the product if it is a result from handling the product beyond what is described in article 7.1.

  3. The consumer is not responsible if we have not included a copy of all the information in this document upon the start of this agreement.

Article 8 - Practice of the product return

  1. Should the customer make use of the product return they must report so to us via mail at within 14 days of purchase.

  2. The customer will, as soon as possible, but at the maximum of 14 days within the report mentioned in article 8.1, return the product to us or a third party appointed by us.

  3. The customer will return the product with all of the associated items included during the first delivery and in it's original state and packaging according to the conditions and information that we provide.

  4. The risk and the burden of proof for the timely and correct practice of the product return lies with the customer.

  5. The customer will carry the adjunct costs for returning the product to us unless this has not been specified by us prior to ordering the product.

  6. If the product is returned safely according to this article the agreement will be dissolved.

Article 9 - Our obligations during product return

  1. When the customer makes use of the product return we will confirm the request via mail and send the according policies and instructions

  2. We will refund all according costs for the product itself and the delivery to the customer within 14 days of the return of the product at the instructed adress.

    • If we decide to pick up the product by our own means we may additionally hold off the refund until we are in physical posession of the product.

  3. All costs for returning the product to us are not refunded.

    • Should the customer make use of specialized delivery other than the default delivery provided by us the additional costs for the delivery are not refunded;​
    • Should only a single product be returned out of an order of multiple the full delivery costs are not refunded.

Article 10 - Product prices

  1. All product prices are including VAT. (21%).

Article 11 - Delivery and production

  1. When a product is purchased from our webshop we will take the greatest possible care to deliver the product to the customer's specified adress.

  2. When an order is placed and accepted, we will execute said order at the soonest moment possible, yet at it's latest 30 days within order placement. Should an order be delayed by our means the customer will be made aware within the same timeframe of 30 days. In the case of a delay the customers stands within their right to cancel the agreement without costs.

  3. After dissolving the agreement we will refund the product and delivery costs within 14 days.

Article 12 - Complaints

  1. In case of a complaint in regards to the agreement and these terms and conditions we have sufficient capabilities and procedures to take up said complaint.

  2. Complaints made by the customer in regards to the agreement and these terms and conditions must be made aware to us within a respected timeframe of when the incident took place. Such complaint is to be made with a full and clear description.

  3. Complaints made will be resolved within 14 days of the day of the first exchange of communication. Should an incident take longer to resolve than said timeframe we will make the customer aware of the situation and provide them with a new timeframe.

Article 13 - Changes in the terms and conditions

  1. These terms and conditions are subject to change and apply to new orders with immediate effect.

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